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According to the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR), an astonishing 25% of refrigeration energy is dedicated solely to defrosting processes, highlighting the significant energy consumption associated with maintaining frost-free environments.

Refrigeration uses 17% of global energy.

Refrigeration is a vital aspect of modern life, providing the necessary cooling for various industries including food storage, pharmaceuticals, and more. However, it's essential to recognize its significant energy consumption and the challenges it poses. With increasing demand and environmental concerns, finding sustainable refrigeration solutions has become paramount in ensuring both efficiency and environmental stewardship. Addressing these challenges requires innovative technologies and collaborative efforts across industries to achieve sustainable and eco-friendly refrigeration practices.

Refrigeration Frost

Frequent defrosts makes refrigeration inefficient.

It requires energy intensive heaters to flood the evaporator coil with heat.

It is not optimized to use the least energy necessary.

It adds heat that needs to be chilled later.


Utilizes the conductive layer of the coils in an evaporator coil.

Provides pulsed power to the coil, reducing defrost energy usage by 90%.

Reduces total refrigeration energy by 15-20%.

This eliminates the temperature rise that causes freezer burn.

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Our innovative refrigeration systems employ cutting-edge technology to reduce the frequency of defrosting cycles, resulting in smoother operations, fewer interruptions, and lower overall costs for your business. By prioritizing energy efficiency and performance, we offer solutions that not only meet but exceed industry standards.

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